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Reward yourself

You say bribery, we say rewards. It’s semantics. Most people trick themselves into doing things they don’t necessarily want to do like workout with a promise of a reward at the end.
We polled the closerlook crew on the top three things they reward themselves with after reaching a goal. What’s the number one answer? Survey says, food!
“Usually, I celebrate with food. You see how this is detrimental to my goals? I should celebrate with like a swimsuit competition or something. Is that something?”
–Liz McArthur, Office Manager

“Sometimes, I splurge on snacks at the movies and do so without guilt because I’ve been working so hard.”
–Pete Clancy, VP, Strategy

“I sometimes bribe myself with coffee from Starbucks if I get out of bed and complete my workout.”
–Allie Barach, Project Manager

OK, we don’t just like food. We have other splurges and guilty pleasures. We like SHOPPING, too.
“I justify getting nicer [guitar] equipment! Now that I can care for it properly, it’s easier to justify getting something nice!”
–Bill Termunde, Manager, Digital Media Operations
“Getting to play tennis is kind of its own reward. Shopping for gear was a reward and motivator (because then I wanted to use it) on the front end.
–Ryan Mason, Chief Creative Officer

“I like to reward myself with shopping treats! I set mini goals along the way and when I hit them I would buy myself something new or get a massage.”
–Nikkie Jones, Managing Director

What are your favorite ways to reward yourself? Share it with us on Twitter or Instagram with #EvenBetter2018.

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