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Take better photos

We don’t have to spend thousands on cameras and lenses anymore to take great photos. All we need is that smartphone in your pocket, a good eye, and a little bit of editing skillz

Nikkie Jones, Managing Director, wants to up her photog game to capture the splendor of her travels. “I have a great group of friends that I travel with, and we visit gorgeous landscapes, beautiful urban cityscapes and everything in between. I’d like to know more about the basics of lighting and composition so that I can get a good picture with my phone.” 

Well, you’re lucky, Nikkie. These tips are for you (and us all). 

#Protips for smartphone photography

  • Composition: Lead the eye into the photo through a focal point like a specific shape. 
  • Lighting: Natural lighting is usually most flattering for subjects. Your screen is key here, however. Increase brightness to see what you’re working with. Avoid bright, direct sunlight
  • Behold the Rule of Thirds: Imagine a grid with nine squares on the photo. Place subject where two lines intersect. Avoid centering subject in the center horizontally or vertically.
  • Crop, don’t zoom: Zooming in to get a closer shot can lead to distortion and loss of fine detail within your shot. 
  • Lose the flash: Unless you want everything to look washed out or your subject to have demon eyes, nope. Focus on finding that good light instead. 
  • Keep the lens clean: Our phones are dirty. Keeping the lens cleaning with a soft cloth will keep photos from looking hazy or dark. 
  • Edit, don’t filter: Making subtle adjustments versus using jarring filters let your photos keep its unique characteristics.  

Fix it in post: Our favorite editing apps

All social all the time: Our favorite apps to plus up our social game

Photo challenge: Pick a random photo you’re proud of and tag with #EvenBetter2018.

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