2017 Holidays

Cook at home

Forget presents, cheesy songs, or trees with lights—let’s make today about cooking together and gathering around the table to share a good meal with people we love.
Sure, things are more hectic on most other days, but many of us, including Project Director Genevieve Locke, have vowed to keep the cooking going all year long. “I want to really get on track with meal preparation for time and money savings.”
When one of our associate creative directors, Zipporah Porton, had to learn how to prepare new dishes this year, she set out to learn how to slow-cook for her family.
“I bought a crockpot and set out to make some yummy vegetarian dishes for my little one…I pulled it out just a week ago and made some lentil soup that was a hit for me, and for her. I even brought some in for a coworker.”
Cooking more often doesn’t have to be a holiday miracle. It’s something we all can achieve if we put our minds to it.
Plan ahead
Make a list and shopping ahead on the weekend is almost guaranteed insurance that we won’t order takeout after a busy workday. There’s always Instacart and Peapod for those of us who want to move far from Netflix or Sunday Night Football.
Cook slow and low
Zipporah is on to something. By prepping a few things in the morning, throwing it in the crockpot, and dinner can be waiting on us when we get home. Pure magic.
Prep on Sundays
When we have busy weeks ahead, many of us prep and cook for the week ahead so that lunches and dinners through the week are nearly effortless.   
Keep weeknight dinners quick
Trains run late, kids have basketball practice, and let’s just say life happens. Let’s keep our more elaborate cooking adventures for the weekends or staycation we’ll one day take.
Plan for leftovers
There’s zen in the moment we realize that, no we don’t have to choose between packing lunch and being late—there are leftovers in the fridge.

A few of our favorite sources for inspiration include:

What have you cooked recently that made you proud? Share a pic on Insta or Twitter and tag us with @closerlookinc and #evenbetter2018. 

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