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Be early instead of late

Some of us pride ourselves in always arriving early, while many others are racing to just to get to work or that next meeting or social gathering on time.
Where do you fall into the spectrum of being an “on-time person?” We definitely fall into a range, so different we pooled a few ideas and looked to the experts to identify how we all can be, if not early, at least on time more often in the coming year.
Define why we want to be on time.
Is it a big meeting we need to nail? Will it cut down on personal stress? Will it help us be accountable in one of our personal or professional relationships? Having a focal point will help us stay motivated in accomplishing this goal.
Plan ahead better
What can we do that will save us a little time to be ready for the next day or big event? Consider whether putting your clothes out, packing your lunch, or prepping notes the night before could reduce stress and allow more travel time.
Identify how long our routine actually takes us
We might think it takes 30 minutes to get to work when it actually takes 40. Why not time certain parts of your routine to see how long it takes versus relying on your perception?
Allow for cushion time
Traffic happens, kid disasters happen. If we know it takes 30 minutes to get somewhere, why not try leaving 40 minutes in advance to prep for uncertainties or unforeseen events? Think of all that waiting time we can use to our productive advantage!

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