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Clean out your inbox

For many of us (ahem, creatives), getting our inboxes down to zero would be equivalent to spotting a unicorn or finding a pot of gold.
Having a tidy inbox can not only feel magical, but it can also help us feel more organized and prepared to face the day. While an inbox of zero might be out of reach for everyone except our project managers, many of us plan to keep a tidy inbox in the coming year. To help do this, we bow to the experts for their tips and tricks.
#protips for cleaning up your inbox
The crew at Creative Market shared this article about tidying up your inbox and advise folks to take five to ten minutes a day to do some of the following:

  • Group by topic: Most email platforms have ways to organize into folders or labels to keep related content together.

  • Snooze emails with apps like Polymail or in platforms like Google’s Inbox.

  • Consolidate or unsubscribe from regular emails with services like Unroll.me.

  • Take immediate action by deleting unnecessary emails or writing brief responses as emails come in.


Make your inbox work smarter, not harder
Hubspot put out this smart blog post on how to better manage our email in the first place, which may keep the inbox adding up. Tips include:

  • Removing yourself from unnecessary threads

  • Give yourself permission to NOT respond to every email

  • Use brief or pre-written responses.

  • Follow a one-click rule where you click, respond and archive in one fell swoop.

  • Block time to get your inbox to zero.

Have a trick or tip for keeping your inbox in check? Share it via Instagram or Twitter @closerlookinc with #evenbetter2018.

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