2017 Holidays

Fix something yourself

If we’re coming clean, most folks’ idea of fixing something includes picking up the phone to call a plumber or mechanic.
So even if we all weren’t born Ms. Fix-Its, many of us have saved a little money and earned major bragging rights by taking time to teach ourselves how to fix something simple. Our very own Dan Morrill, for example, recently used the interwebs to teach himself how to do landscaping at his new house. 
“[Landscaping] was a lot of hard work, but it was pretty satisfying when I completed it. I was able to complete a big, difficult project on my own with just good old fashioned YouTube training," Dan Morrill, Writing Director.
For those of us looking to impress ourselves and others, here’s a roundup of simple YouTube fix-it tutorials. You’re welcome.

How to sew a button


How to fix a hole in the wall


How to change your windshield wipers


Have a self-taught skill or a recent fixer-up project? Feel free to humble brag and share a pic with #evenbetter2018.


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