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Manage time better

If you’re like us, you find yourself muttering, “Where does all of my time go?” too often. 

A few of us are looking to make better use of our time in the coming year, like Associate Creative Director Matt Sauter. “I want to get more out of every moment, however small or insignificant. I don’t need to read another blog or hear about some movie that’s coming out in six months. I’d rather spend that time creating things, improving myself or doing things with the people I love.

Other closerlookers like Ray Pellicore, Manager of Interactive Technology, have already made this goal a focus and sees the benefits in an everyday work setting. “[Managing time] is the single most important thing I’ve learned over my professional career, and I think it can significantly transform the way people work for the better. It not only keeps you organized, it allows you to know exactly what you’re working on for any given day or week, and how approximately how long those tasks with take you.”

Well, we while we can’t add more hours to the day, we can share a few ideas that we’re working on to reach the goal of managing time better. Here are just a few:

Complete challenging tasks first

Most people feel more energized and focused first thing in the morning. Why not get the most challenging tasks out of the way first to relieve a bit of anxiety and increase productivity?

Prep ahead of time

Devoting a few minutes to a few hours to prep for the week ahead can save us time and help us feel more relaxed. This might include meal prepping for the week’s lunches and dinners or planning what we’re wearing the night before.

Limit phone time to completing tasks

We’re all guilty of spending too much on Instagram, Twitter or Words with Friends. Why not keep track of the time we’re spending on our phones each day and be mindful about limiting the time to necessary tasks like responding to email or checking the weather?

Use time-saving services

When we can find a little room in our budgets, we might spend it on services that save us time and energy. Some of these might include grocery delivery services like Instacart or Peapod or visiting the nail salon. 

For tips on working smarter, not harder, check out this article. Have a time-saving tip to share? Post or tweet us @closerlookinc and tag #evenbetter2018. 

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