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A better way. A smarter way.

The industry is in flux

Forces outside the pharmaceutical industry—and inside pharmaceutical companies themselves—demand that marketers change the way they promote their products. Change is the new constant, and not everyone is prepared for it. Lacking the right guidance and support, many pharma companies will simply continue current tactics rather than adapt to change. But there’s a smarter way—a practical approach to innovation that ties it all together, folding future-planning into the processes that are already working.

We understand the pressures that come with change. Companies moving toward a greater focus on customer relationships have their share of challenges. We work with our pharmaceutical clients to implement shifts in organizational focus, marketing strategy, technology and data as their campaigns progress—existing marketing and sales efforts don’t stop, they evolve incrementally at a pace that fits our clients’ goals and makes room for innovation.

We’re rooted in the fundamentals of marketing

We share our clients’ focus on the fundamentals of Targeting, Insight, Messaging, and Results. And we work with them to make more effective and efficient use of their promotional resources. The goal is to transition to a smarter-marketing approach—from being a broadcaster of mass-marketing messages to being a manager of meaningful customer relationships.


Conventional marketing focuses on past prescribing behavior
This narrow focus on prescription-writing history ends up leaving growth opportunities untapped, especially when it comes to new customers or those just starting to prescribe a product. Those customers often end up ignored or undervalued because they have no prescribing history.


Smarter marketing focuses on predicting behavior
We think marketing that predicts an individual’s writing behavior—which considers factors from demographics to interaction data to payer claims—leads to more meaningful insights into more of your customers.


Conventional marketing assumes all HCPs think the same way
Historically marketers have observed qualitative, aggregate-level behavior of their customers in order to generate insight to inform their tactics. As part of the aggregate, individual customers end up anonymous with the meaningful differences in their needs and preferences for information getting lost in the larger group of peers.

Smarter marketing provides insights into individual customers
We provide insight that gives our clients a 360° view of their customers as individuals. And that helps clients understand the combined effects of campaigns on each customer and how those effects translate to return on investment over time.


Conventional marketing says the same thing to everyone
Marketers traditionally create homogenous, one-size-fits-all messages that they deliver to all of their target customers.

Smarter marketing says the right message, the right way, to the right audience
We support our clients with targeted, relevant messages based on their preferences for content and the tactic in which it is delivered. The results are then tracked and adjusted to improve performance.


Conventional marketing defines ROI too narrowly
With a traditional approach, ROI is typically focused on the performance of individual tactics.

Smarter marketing expands the perspective
We look beyond simple frequency and reach to assess market dynamics and use key performance indicators to measure how entire campaigns deliver a return on investment.

We accomplish innovation within regulation

At closerlook, we make sure the basics are covered so that we can focus on raising the bar with our clients. Innovation isn’t a buzzword—we approach our work with established processes that drive progress, maintain a spirit of collaboration with our teams and clients and always serve the larger goals we’ve established together.

We have significant experience managing our clients’ goals, deadlines and budgets within an increasingly regulated industry. From responsive websites to Interactive Sales Aids to sales force leave-behinds, just about every project we execute is guided through medical, regulatory and/or legal review by processes we’ve developed through years of repetition. We also collaborate with our clients to develop templates that increase efficiencies within core tactics, helping them gain necessary approvals in the shortest amount of time.

Our repeatable processes deliver consistent results

We believe that little variability in process leads to little variability in results, which is why we’re just as process-oriented as we are imaginative.

Step 1


We identify our clients' problems and the forces that shape them. The insight we gain about our clients' business and key audiences serves as the foundation for the rest of the engagement. After diligent research and conversation, we can present our clients with detailed recommendations.

  • Discovery sessions
  • Audience profiling
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market research
  • Budgetary reviews
Step 2


We collaborate with clients to create custom solutions and campaigns that set them apart from their competitors, bring them closer to their customers and give them the best returns on their marketing dollars.

  • Send the right messages
  • Tell better stories
  • Improve user experience
  • Align sales and marketing
  • Use technology better
Step 3


Our teams create, implement and manage the tactical elements and deliverables of each solution and campaign. By continually monitoring the progress of our work, we learn what we need to improve results.

  • Producing tactics
  • Launching campaigns
  • Managing data
  • Coordinating multiple agency/vendor relationships
  • Tracking performance

We’ve found this approach to be effective and scalable for projects of wildly different scope, size and timing. Because marketing is never done, we consistently repeat it in search of even smarter marketing and better results.

The drugs, Optistavin, Easovartis and Librylin, and names, results, case studies and specific information, referenced in this advertisement are fictional and were created solely for illustrating the digital marketing capabilities of closerlook, inc. Any resemblance to actual drugs, medications, treatments, persons, living or dead, or to actual events, is purely coincidental. closerlook, inc. does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage or disruption caused by such party’s reliance on the fictitious information contained in this illustration.

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